Perry is praiseworthy

I have always been 'proud' to be a Texan. But I am even more so now, after hearing a couple of speeches from our Texas Gov. Rick Perry last week.

In his speech on Tuesday, April 7th, Gov. Perry addressed and encouraged home school families in Texas and proclaimed April 5th-11th as Home School Week. My favorite part of his speech was his remark that, "Every child is entitled to a public education, but public education is not entitled to every child." What a blessing it is to have someone in authority recognize that home education is a viable option for schooling children, and that the responsibility and freedom of that choice resides with a child's parents.

Then, just two days later, Gov. Perry gave another speech where he offered his unwavering support of a resolution (HCR 50) to reaffirm Texas' sovereignty. As the federal government continues to erode states' rights, nationwide support for Tenth Amendment legislation is growing, and I'm 'proud' of Gov. Perry for standing up for Texas.